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We offer wholesale prices to health care practitioners.
If you want to open a wholesale account, please call 727-344-7608 or e-mail us at
Please supply us with the following information:
  • Business Name/Doctor's name
  • Contact Person
  • Business Address (Billing and Shipping)
  • Business Phone Number
  • Email address
  • A copy of your business license


Certain areas may qualify for free or discounted shipping.
Volume discounts tinctures of the same product and content:
       6 bottles: 12%
       12 bottles: 18%
Up to 48 bottles: 20%
Up to 96 bottles: 25%

Depending on the order, we may also give free shipping and if the products originate from within the USA.
We cannot honor accumulative discounts; other restrictions may apply.

Volume discounts medicinal teas of the same product and weight:


All the information in this database is for education & information purposes only! It is not intended to be used to diagnose and treat any illnesses or condition whatsoever, nor replace proper medical care.

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