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To ensure that your cut flowers stay beautiful and healthy looking during their life cycle in the vase indoors, please follow these guidelines.

Immerse the entire bloom (the bracts) and stem under water for 20 minutes.
The temperature of the water should be 70-85°F. palulu3"

Re-cut the end of the stem.
palulu2 After the immersing, re-cut the end of the stem 1" with a sharp knife.
Place the stem immediately in a plastic or glass container, filled with high quality water of the same temperature.
The water should include a flower preservative; you can find this at your local flower/garden store.
Make sure that at least 1' (2½ cm) of the stem (and foliage) is below the waterline in the container.

Mist the heliconias and gingers with water once or twice a day.
Re-cut the stems and renew the solution every 5-7 days.
If necessary, water once every 3 days.
Place the flowers in a sunny place but not in direct sunlight.

If the flowers have suffered from the transport (transit stress), please do the following:
* Cut 1" of the end of the stem and immerse stem and bloom (bracts)
under water (70-85°F.) for 90 minutes.
* Place after this in the container as a described above.

If, for some reason, you cannot unpack the shipping box immediately when delivered; open it up, mist the flowers with water and store the box in a cool place for the time being.

Enjoy your heliconias and gingers!!

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