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Eclipta alba
Eclipta prostata L., Eclipta erecta.
Common name
Eclipta, bhringaraj, false daisy, bringraj, han lian cao, takasaburou, yerba de tago, congo lanna.
Asteraceae (Sunflower family).

This tropical annual is a creeping and moisture-loving herb; it has a short, flat or round, brown stem and small white flowers on a long stalk. It grows 3" tall; the leaves are opposite and lance-shaped.
Eclipta grows abundantly in the tropics and is used with much success in Ayurvedic medicine.
In India the juice of the leaves is used in the treatment of liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and infective hepatitis.
Eclipta alba - Eclipta
Also used for liver enlargement, jaundice and other ailments of the liver, spleen and gall bladder.
In scientific studies, Eclipta alba also shows excellent antifungal activity.
The plant tops are used for skin diseases (inflammation).
A mixture of Eclipta and mineral oil (USP) keeps the hair dark and lustrous; when applied to the scalp it promotes hair growth.

Ecliptine, wedelolactone, dimethyl wedelolactone, wedelic acid, eclepitine apigenin, luteolin, b-amyrin, mono-, di- and trithiophene acetylenes, a-terthenyl, thiophene acetylenes, ascorbic acid.

Eclipta is rich in amino acids and essential fatty acids.
It has bio-active steroidal alkaloids but it the also possesses weak cyto-toxity against certain cells.
An ethanol extract of Eclipta has a neutralizing effect on the venom of South American rattle snakes.

Suriname's traditional medicine
This plant has a range of therapeutic properties such as promoting heart health by lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels; boosting immunity.
It is also an effective natural painkiller.
Eclipta is used against anemia, dysentery, eye diseases, asthma, insomnia, headaches and liver cirrhosis.
It rejuvenates the hair (external use).
The juice of Eclipta together with honey, is used to treat upper respiratory congestion in children.


USDA zone 5 - 11.
Seeds (best temperature for germination is 95 F.).
Full sun / partial shade, tolerate high altitude conditions.
Needs moisture; plant in frost free locations.

Eclipta alba - Eclipta tincture Eclipta alba - Eclipta oil

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Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Eclipta alba seeds 1 packet (150 seeds) US$ 11.25
Eclipta alba seeds 1 packet (500 seeds) US$ 32.00
Eclipta alba herbs 1 lb US$ 28.00
Eclipta alba herbs 5 lbs (26.60 /lb) US$ 133.00
Eclipta alba Hair Oil 60 ml US$ 8.20
Eclipta alba Hair Oil 120 ml US$ 15.66
Eclipta alba Hair Oil 1000 ml US$ 99.50
Eclipta alba tincture 1 fl. oz (29.6 cc) US$ 10.35
Eclipta alba tincture 6 x 1 fl. oz US$ 55.89
Eclipta alba tincture 12 x 1 fl. oz US$ 105.57
Eclipta alba tincture 2 fl. oz (59.1 cc) US$ 18.65
Eclipta alba tincture 6 x 2 fl. oz US$ 100.71
Eclipta alba tincture 12 x 2 fl. oz US$ 190.23

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