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Maximiliana maripa, Attalea regia, Attalea venatorum, Cocus venatorum.
Common name
Maripa, Cucurite palm, Kokerit-palm, anaja, cocorite, American oil palm.
Aracaceae (Palmae).

A solitary palm growing on the periphery of the white-sand savanna in Surinam.
It grows up to 55' tall.
The large inflorescence is interfoliar.
The fruit is oblong avoid and cream-yellow of color and edible.
Maripa is grown for its oil, and is currently being investigated for use in biodiesel production.

USDA zone 9B - 11.
Full sun, sandy loam soil; needs high humidity.
Plant in frost free locations.

Attalea maripa - Maripa palm Attalea maripa - Maripa palm Attalea maripa - Maripa palm inflorescence Attalea maripa - Maripa palm inflorescence

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Attalea maripa seeds 1 packet (100 seeds) US$ 69.00
Attalea maripa seeds 1 packet (1000 seeds) US$ 460.00

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