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Samanea saman Synonyms
Mimosa saman, calliandra saman, acasia propinquce, inga cinerea, pithecellobium saman.
Common name
Rain tree, coco tamarind, acacia preta, french tamarind, saman, monkey pod.
Mimosaceae (Leguminoceae).

Rain tree is a large, tropical tree growing up to 180' tall with a crown up to 240 ft broad although they are smaller in the sup - tropics.
It is a beautiful shade tree.
The evergreen leaves are alternate bipinate, while the flowers are small pinkish - green.
Rain tree has flat oblong seedpods containing oblong brown seeds.

Medicinal applications
In Venezuela, the roots are used against stomach cancer.
In the West Indies, the seeds are chewed for sore throat.

USDA zone 9 - 11.
Seeds and cuttings.
Full sun / light shade; rich well drained soil; acidic to slightly alkaline.
This is a excellent container plant for the cooler climates and for the warmer regions a beautiful outdoor plant.

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