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(100 % soursop leaves)

Soursop tincture:


Graviola seems to effectively target and kill malignant cells in more than 10 different types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung, and pancreatic cancer.
Seems to be far stronger in killing colon cancer cells than Adriamycin® (Doxorubicin hydrochloride), a chemotherapy given as treatment for certain types of cancer.
Graviola hunts down selectively- and kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells; unlike chemotherapy that indiscriminately seeks and destroys all actively reproducing cells – (even normal, healthy ones).
Research on this plant has focused on its anti-cancerous effect but the plant has been used for a long time in traditional medicine in Surinam to treat a number of ailments, such as hypertension, ringworm, influenza, scurvy, rashes, malaria, neuralgia, dysentery, arthritis, palpitations, rheumatism, nervousness, high blood pressure, insomnia, diarrhea, fever, nausea, boils, dyspepsia, and muscle spasm.

Acetaldehyde, Amyl-caproate, Amyloid, Annonain, Anomuricine, Anomuricinine, Anomurine, Anonol, Atherosperminine, Beta-sitosterol, Campesterol, Cellobiose, Citric-acid, Citrulline, Coclaurine, Coreximine, Dextrose, Ethanol, Folacin, Fructose, Gaba, Galactomannan, Geranyl-caproate Glucose, HCN, Isocitric-acid, Lignoceric-acid, Malic-acid, Manganese, Mericyl-alcohol, Methanol, Methyl-hex-2-enoate, Methyl-hexanoate, Muricine, Muricinine, Muricapentocin, Muricoreacin, Myristic-acid, P-coumaric-acid, Paraffin, Potassium-chloride, Procyanidin, Reticuline, Scyllitol, Stearic-acid, Stepharine, Stigmasterol, Sucrose, Tannin, Xylosyl-cellulose

Tincture: 1 – 4 ml. daily
Infusion: 1 -3 cups daily


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