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Tropilab Inc., exporter & wholesaler of medicinal plants, herbs and tropical seeds




Use our On Line Order Form for credit - or debit card processing.
For security reasons, this goes via our secure (SSL) server.

You may also use the Print & Mail order form for Discover Novus, Visa,
MasterCard or American Express
Send it by regular mail with check or (international) money order.

Note: minimum $10.00, shipping & handling excluded, when ordering.

You can also pay using:

"WESTERN UNION" Western union.

Let us know this in advance.

Or simply call (727) 344 - 7608 to place an order.

Western Union or Money Gram Electronic Payments:
If ordering online, specify this in the Special Instruction Box in de Order Form.
The order is shipped when the funds are received.
To make your payment, go to your local Western Union office or pay online at their website www.westernunion.com.
For Money Gram, go to their office or pay on line at their website www.moneygram.com.

When using Western Union specify:
  • Full name and address
  • Funds to be picked up at: St. Petersburg, Florida USA
  • Funds to be picked up by: Monique Jessurun
  • Phone or E mail us the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) you will receive.

  • When using Money Gram specify:
  • Full name and address
  • Funds to be picked up at: St. Petersburg, Florida USA
  • Funds to be picked up by: Monique Jessurun
  • Phone or E mail us the Reference Number.

  • You can also pay using "PAYPAL" Paypal

    When using PAY PAL specify:
    Your name and address
    Make payable to: TROPILAB INC.
    e mail: order@tropilab.net


    Shipping, Handling & Invoicing are done by our partner AMAZON HERBSŪ.
    We ship directly from Suriname, South America to our customers world-wide with Registered - or Air Parcel Post Int'l (PPMI).
    For certain countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Special Airfreight Delivery is possible.
    Allow 5 - 12 days for delivery in USA. Canada, Western Europe and other destinations may take longer.

    TINCTURES & HERBS shipped from our USA location in Florida with USPS First Class (FCM), Express Mail (EMS) or Priority Mail (PMS).
    Indicate your preference in the Instruction Box on the Order Form.
    International destinations, Puerto Rico, Mexico & Canada are served from the USA with USPS. All other international orders for tinctures and most medicinal teas also go through our USA office.

    When ordering tinctures, please indicate on the order form with what service* you want it shipped.
    Service: First Class Mail International, Priority Airmail International, Global Express Guaranteed, Express Mail Service International.

    Since many plants, plant parts and seeds are wild harvested on demand and season/availability is a key factor, a lead time of 1 - 4 weeks may apply.
    A Shipping Advise will be sent to inform the customer.

    As required by law, we cannot answer questions about your personal health and/or diseases.
    Also we cannot make suggestions about herbal or other treatments or give medical advise specifically and in general.


    We offer wholesale prices to health care practitioners.

    Shipping & Handling charges.
    Delivery service.

    Shipping of tinctures within the USA is done with USPS FCM or PMS and is free, if the amount of the order is at least $65.00.
    For shipment with USPS EMS and courier services (FedEx, UPS) normal shipping rates apply.

    For orders outside the USA the following applies:
    The shipping rates for the items we sell are weight-based.
    The amount shown in the shipping option of the checkout is not necessarily the actual price you'll pay for shipping.
    Since shipping charges are different for every country and change all the time, we cannot always calculate these on line.
    Indicate how you would have your order shipped in the Special Instruction Box in the order form.
    Actual shipping charges will be calculated at the time of order and are to be paid by the customer
    Shipping is at the buyer's risk and expense; if you want your package insured, advise us accordingly.
    We are not responsible for delays and/or loss of packages by one of the carriers we use.
    These include postal services world wide, shipping companies and courier services.
    Complaints about packages that are lost, damaged and/or with the contents damaged, must be reported to the carrier involved (postal -, courier services and shipping companies).

    All other charges (import duties, inspection charges and special licenses) are the responsibility of the buyer; unless otherwise agreed upon.

    By placing an order with us, you agree you have read and agreed to all the above terms and conditions.

    Sorry, no COD orders !

    We will e-mail you the total cost of the order including all shipping & handling charges for your approval and authorization prior to processing your order. (Optional)

    Outside USA

    Proceed with placing your order and ignore the shipping & handling charges.

    Orders less than 0.5 lb.
    Standard shipping charges: $14.00
    Between 0.5 - 1 lb: $24.50
    Additional fees may apply.

    These prices will not be reflected on your check-out order but will be added when your order is processed.

    Sorry, no COD orders!

    We will e-mail you the total cost of the order including all shipping & handling charges for your approval and authorization, prior to processing your order. (Optional)

    Seed orders shipped are accompanied by a phyto-sanitary certificate, since this is required by many countries.
    This certificate is issued by The Surinam Plant Protection & Quarantine Division.
    Also included are an Aphis / PPQ label and in certain cases, a Harvest Protocol Sheet from the SURINAM ORGANIC FOUNDATION®.


    The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection service enforces a phyto-sanitary Certificate phyto-sanitary certificate
    requirement for all rizhomes and seed imports.
    If you are a regular importer of botanicals and seeds, we advise to apply for an import permit.
    The application is free (CPPQ form) and valid for 5 years.
    Download here.

    Customers in Australia; please check with AQIS for information when restriction may apply.


    Customers in CANADA, check with Plant Health Division.

    All other countries, check with the local plant protection and quarantine division.


    To order HERBS ; click here

    To order MEDICINAL seeds ; click here

    To order PALM seeds ; click here

    To order PRODUCTS ; click here

    To order GARDEN PLANT seeds ; click here

    To order VEGETABLES seeds ; click here

    To order RHIZOMES and BULBS ; click here

    To order TROPICAL FRUIT seeds ; click here

    To order TROPICAL CUT FLOWERS seeds ; click here

    To order TINCTURES ; click here

    To order MASALA POWDER ; click here

    To order MEDICINAL TEAS (infusions) ; click here


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    P.O.BOX 48164
    St.Petersburg, Florida 33743 - 8164. USA.
    Phone: (727) 344 - 7608.