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Tropilab Inc., exporter & wholesaler of 
medicinal plants, herbs and tropical seeds


We at TROPILAB® INC. are confident that you will be pleased with the product(s) you have purchased.
If a shipment is returned, the package(s) may not have been opened.
All sales are final, due to the nature of our products.

If we have made a mistake with your order, we will correct this or refund your money in full.
For other reasons contact us first since shipping will be at your own expense.
In this case a return fee of $5.00 or 2.35 % is also deductible whichever is higher.

Returns without prior notification can not be accepted!

Advise us if you want the merchandize insured and/or secured.
Charges (import duties, inspection charges and special licenses) are the responsibility of the buyer.
Clearing of the merchandize by Customs and/or Agricultural Inspection is the responsibility of the buyer.

We are not responsible for damaged packages.
Packages, that are damaged and/or with the contents lost, must be reported to the postal service, courier service or shipping company.
Limited insurance applies with certain services of the USPS and other carriers, if not insured properly by the customer.
We are also not responsible for delays by the shipper (postal - and courier service).
Unclaimed packages that are returned by the carrier cannot be refunded for whatever reason.
Seeds are not refundable since they are prone to fungus and often difficult to germinate.

Return of tropical hardwood is subject to special conditions (see the Exotic tropical hardwood page) for this.


Return it with an explanation what is wrong and what you would like us to do.
Wood which has been cut, sliced or otherwise worked on is not acceptable.
Return shipping is at the customer's expense and responsibility.
If the return is an exchange, we will pay for the shipping costs back.
Returned wood may affects discounts.

Bulk orders are not refundable.

Since new and/or additional regulations may apply, you are responsible for supplying additional documents for the import of our products.
Please, check this with the local Agriculture Inspection Authorities.

By placing an order with us, you agree you have read and agree to the above terms and conditions.

PO BOX 48164
St. Petersburg, Florida 33743 - 8164, USA
(727) 344 - 7608 (phone)