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The removal of the fleshy part of the fruit is the first step in the process; this is done by us.
Following, we disinfect the seeds before shipping.

Upon receiving: Soak the seeds at least 24 hours in water before planting them. It is even better soaking the seeds for a few days. (Change the water daily)
sprouting cuban royal palmseed It can be necessary to crack the palm seeds in order to allow moisture into the seed.
Make only a slight crack with a small hammer.
Use a good soil mix, with lots of organic material, for planting with moisture holding ability (peat moss and perlit is often used).
Do not plant the seeds too deep; no more than a ½" below the surface or with the top exposed above the soil.
Keep the soil moist but not wet since this can cause rotting of the seeds.
Make sure that not only the top layer is moist but the soil as a whole and check for a good drainage.

Temperature: palm seeds require tropical conditions to germinate.
The optimum temperature range for germination is 80 - 100° F., some species (Talipot palm) require an even higher temperature, but do not place the pot in which you attempt to germinate, in direct sunlight.

However, even if you have done all of the above, success is not always guaranteed, since palm seeds behave erratic in germination, due to the recalcitrant nature of many of these.
Sometimes it can take up to 8 (eight) weeks, or even longer (up to many months), before you will notice something; so be very patient and do not give up too easily!

To check-out the growing conditions concerning minimum temperature in your area, go to the USDA - and the AHS website.

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