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The propagation of rhizomes and bulbs.

The rhizomes and bulbs are disinfected prior to shipment; they should not be rinsed off.
The residue fungicide protects them after planting.
Heliconia - and Ginger rhizomes (root sections), as well as the bulbs from aroids, should be planted in rich organic, moist soil that is well drained.
Outdoors; for best results plant when the danger of frost has passed.
This is very important; otherwise root rot is possible.
The pH level must be sligthly acidic (5.5) to achieve the best results.
Soak the rhizomes / bulbs for 30 - 60 minutes in water, prior to planting (use this water for the first watering or use a fungicide for the soil).
Cover the rhizome or bulb with 2" - 3" moist soil (the short stalk should rise above the soil) and keep the temperature always warm (not less than 70° F.).
An optional procedure is to put the rhizome in water (make sure not to submerge it completely; only the lower part) to grow roots first.

rhizome1 A (slow release) fertilizer may be used, added on top.
Use soil with lots or organic matter.
Remember not to plant the rhizomes and bulbs too deep.
Root rot can be the result since the rhizomes and bulbs can be oxygen deprived.
Keep in mind that the grow occurs from the burried rhizome or bulb. Also keep the soil moist (but not too wet) at all times; sprouting of the planted rhizome / bulb can take up to four (4) weeks.

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