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Boiled napi from the Surinam cuisine

Boiled napi.

Unlike other root vegetables as sweet potato, napi is only available during the dry season.
It is hard to describe the taste of it because it is not really sweet, yet also not bitter.
Nappi has its own unique taste!
It can be cooked just like potato or used in soup.

Ingredients: served 4 (four) persons.

  • 4 medium sized napi's
  • cooking napi
  • dash of salt
  • water

  • Cooking instructions:

    Peel the napi and rinse thoroughly.
    In order to remove slimy residue, use lemon juice or diluted vinegar to rinse it.
    Put it in a pot; add plenty of water and salt.
    Cooking time is approximately 20 - 25 minutes; when it is ready drain it.
    Place the pot over low heat without the lid, steam dry so that the nappi becomes crispy!

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