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Passiflora foetida Common name: love-in-a-mist, sneki markusa, stinking passion flower, tagua passion flower, granadilla colorada, pop vine.
Family: Passifloraceae.(Passiflora Family)

This plant is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest.
Love-in-a-mist is a climbing and flowering perennial vine that has pink flowers and small edible fruits.
These orange fruits, although much smaller, taste the same as those from passiflora edulis.
The seeds are very small and black, embedded in juicy pulp; the stems and leaves are covered with yellow hair.
The leaves, which are three-lobed, have an unpleasant odor when crushed.
There are some medicinal applications of stinking passion flower.

In Suriname's traditional medicine, a tea of the leaves is used as an expectorant and for nervous disorders.

Hardiness: USDA zone 9 B - 11.
Propagation: seeds.
Culture: full sun / light shade, well drained soil.
Plant in frost free areas.

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