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Passiflora laurifolia - Water lemon
Synonym: Passifora oblongifolia, Passiflora tinifolia.
Common name: water lemon, belle apple, yellow granadilla, pomme liane, para markusa, maracuja laranja,Jamaican honey suckle wasserlimone, pomme d'or.
Family: Passifloraceae (Passion flower family).

Water lemon is a climbing vine, native to tropical South America, with oblong-ovate leaves,
It has fragrant purple- & white flowers with a bell shaped calyx.
The fruit juice is used in beverages or consumed fresh.
It has numerous gray-black seeds in clear pulp.
The fruit is 2½ - 3" in diameter and has an orange - yellow color when it is ripe.

Passiflora laurifolia also has medicinal applications.
The seeds have sedative action and are in large doses, hypnotic.
The roots and leaves are very potent vermifuge (a medicine that destroys intestinal worms and helps to expel them).

Hardiness:USDA zone 9B - 11.
Propagation: seeds and cuttings.
Culture: full sun / light shade, plant in frost free areas.
Easy to grow in tropical - and sub tropical areas.

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Passiflora laurifolia seeds 1 packet (100 seeds) US$33.00
Passiflora laurifolia seeds 1 packet (1000 seeds) US$246.60

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