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Cakes from the Surinam cuisine

* Gelatin a la Ponche Crema.

* Serves for 4 to 5 persons.


Ponche crema * Condensed milk (3 cans; 16 oz.)
* Evaporated milk (4 cans; 16 oz.)
* Ponche Crema (4 cups)
* Fruit cocktail (2 cans; 16 oz.)
* Water (½ cup)
* Gelatin (6 spoons)
* "Long finger cookies" (optional)

Wet the tasteless gelatin in half a cup of warm water; stir until transparent.
Mix the Ponche Crema together with the evaporated - and condensed milk.
Add the tasteless gelatin and stir the mixture (with a wooden spoon).
After this, mix the fruit cocktail, without the juice, with the Ponche Crema mix.
Grease a Pyrex bowl with a little vegetable oil, pour the mix into it and arrange the cookies on top of the gelatin.
Put the bowl in the fridge for the mix to bind.
Once this has happened, slide a knife along the edges and topple the cake on a pie plate.
If desired, add adornments.

Mix the gelatin solution very well for if the gelatin does not dilute well, it won't bind and in the fridge it will remain too soft.
To enrich the gelatin; drench the cookies in liquor before placing these on top of the gelatin.

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