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Oryza sativa Common name: darak,aleisi, rice.
Family: Graminaceae (Grass family).

Rice is an erect annual grass growing up to 4' tall with strongly - nerved leaf - sheaths. The leaf - blades are long, flat, with many long, ascending branches.
Rice is a staple food in Suriname and in many parts of the world especially Asia.

Vitamins A, B complex, D and E; fat, 20%; carbohydrates; proteins; adenine; choline; arachidic, behenic, lignoceric, palmitic, and oleic arids; phytosterin.

In Suriname's traditional medicine, the seeds are used for breast cancers, stomach-indurations, tumors and warts.

Hardiness: zone 9 - 11.
Propagation: seeds.
Culture: plant in very moist to wet soil and in frost free locations.

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Oryza sativa (long grained type) seeds 1 packet ( 12 seeds ) US$ 2.85
Oryza sativa (long grained type) seeds 1 packet ( 100 seeds ) US$ 20.70


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