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Cananga odorata - Ylang ylang seedpods Common name
Alangilang, ylang ylang, ilang ilang.

Annonaceae (Annona family).

Originally from Indonesia, this medium sized evergreen tropical tree is now also growing in Suriname.
Cananga is growing up to 70' tall and has simple alternate leaves.
The star-shaped flowers, from which the essential oil is derived, are yellow and very fragrant.
Ylang Ylang also has medicinal properties; it is used in aromatherapy (alternative treatment) and can slow down rapid breathing and rapid heart rate.
The black avoids fruits have many black seeds.
The oil made from the flowers has a calming effect.

Cananga odorata flowers Hardiness
USDA zone 9B - 11.


Full sun and wet moist soil.
Protect from frost or plant in frost free spots.
It can be kept as a container plant; indoors in the cooler zones.

Cananga odorata - Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata flower - Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata - Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata tree - Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang) flower Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang) stem Cananga odorata flower - Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata - Ylang Ylang seeds Cananga odorata - Ylang Ylang fruit

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Cananga odorata seeds 1 packet (10 seeds) US$ 16.50
Cananga odorata seeds 1 packet (100 seeds) US$ 137.50

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