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Rapatea paludosa Common name
Rapatea, anansi - wawai

Rapatea is a common tropical perennial in Suriname growing in the white-sand savannas on shady moist spots and in boggy places.
Due to the implant of the end-leaves it resembles a fan.
The inflorescence has two pointed end leaves at the end of a long stem.
The plant has small, 1 inch tall yellow flowers and the stamens are very peculiar. At the filament is a 2 millimeter spoon-shaped attachment.
Anansi - wawai grows up to 3' tall.
Rapateaceae is a small family (with no common name), mainly occurring in the Amazon rainforest.

Rapatea paludosa - Anansi wawai Hardiness
USDA zone 9B - 11.
Full sun / partial shade; sandy loam soil.
Needs high humidity; plant in frost free areas.

Rapatea paludosa (Anansi wawai) Rapatea paludosa (Anansi wawai) flower Rapatea paludosa (Anansi wawai) flower

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