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Xanthosoma sagittifolium - Arrowleaf elephant ear Synonym
Arum sagittifolium.
Common name
Arrowleaf, elephant ear, tannia, yautia, mangarás, new cocoyam, tajer, tania, tanier, malanga, taioba, chou caribe, cascamote, sunin Honolulu.
Araceae (Arum family).

Yautia is an herbaceous perennial, indigenous to tropical South America.
The big leaves are light green and arrow-shaped with long petioles.
This perennial can grow up to 9 feet tall; however in dry climates with low humidity they do not grow that tall.
Yautia has a corm from which cormels sprout.
The yellow or pinkish flesh is dense and starchy.
Besides the root, the young leaves are also edible.
The root of yautia is very popular in Central - and South America.
The harvested yautia tubers should be peeled and can be kept at room temperature (76° F.) for several weeks; if refrigerated, this can be longer.
Malanga or yautia should be cooked before eating and is used in many dishes in Suriname and throughout tropical America.
The root can be milled into flour, since this is very hypoallergenic food and also high in calories.

Hardiness USDA zone 5 - 11.
Propagation Bulbs and seeds.
Cultivation Full sun / partial shade. Soil must be well drained.
Needs high humidity.
Can be kept as a container plant in the cooler zones.
Optimum growing temperature is about 80° F.

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