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Xanthosoma violaceum - Blue taro Synonym
Xanthosoma nigrum, arum nigrum.
Common name
Blue tannia, blue taro,black malanga, malanga morada, purplestem taro.
Araceae (Arum family).

Black malanga is an indigenous to tropical South America.
The blue taro has dark green leaves up to 3' long with glaucous stems.
The veins in the leaves are purple; while it has large whitish spathes; the petioles and the bottom side of leaves are violet.
The stems are up to 5' tall but are shorter when it is in a container in the cooler zones.
This plant has also medicinal properties; the flavone glycosides (phyto chemicals) have antioxidant properties and radical scavenging effect.

USDA zone 9 - 12.
Partial sun / shade. Needs lots of water; high humidity.
Excellent for a container plant in the cooler zones.
It can grow outdoors in the summer and grows best if temperature is above 55° F.

Xanthosoma violaceum - Blue taro Xanthosoma violaceum - Blue taro

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Blue taro bulb 10 bulbs ($8.50 /bulb) US$ 85.00

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