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This tropical tree from the Amazon rainforest is also known as: Andiroba, Bastard mahogany, Brazilian mahogany, Carapa, Crabwood, Figueroa and Krapa.
It is closely related to the Carapa procera (from tropical Africa) but it also grows in South and Central America.

Carapa guinensis - Andiroba oil
Andiroba is a tall tropical tree, sometimes up to 120' tall, with fragrant flowers; it is very common on rich soils. It grows in swamps in West-Suriname. Andiroba is one of the largest leafed trees in the rain forest of South America.
The woody, four cornered nut, has four cells each containing two to three seeds with oil - rich kernels. The nuts are wild harvested and the nut yield is about 300 lbs. per tree/year.
The wood, hard and insect resistant, is used for furniture and as timber wood. It is much sought-after by sawmills in South America.
The bark, leaves and seed oil are used medicinally. The natural seed oil is for external use only.

Suriname's Traditional Medicine
Carapa guianensis is used against diarrhea, fever, gout and rash. Also to lower cholesterol levels and reduce elevated blood pressure.
In the Amazon rainforest the oil is used as a natural insect repellant.

Carapa guianensis - Andiroba Andiroba oil, from the cold pressed nut of the Carapa guianensis tree, is a natural emollient; it can be used in cosmetic products, as an active ingredient or as a carrier.
Also used as a treatment for cellulite (skin has a dimpled, lumpy appearance) and skin repair (erases wrinkles and tightens the skin).
Traditionally it is used by the Amerindians to treat skin problems (rashes, boils, inflammation and ulcers) and as an insect repellant.
This oil accelerates the healing of skin damage by providing myristic acid, one of the chemical building blocks that form the skin's protective outer layer.
The oil, which has anti inflammatory properties, is rich in essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 fatty acids, limonoids, triterpenes and contains among others: linoleic acid (9%), oleic acid: (50.5%), linolenic acid: (0.3%). Linoleic acid has shown to stop uncontrolled growth of skin cells in psoriasis (a chronic skin condition) and growth of the pigment-producing cells.
Andiroba is an all-natural product, does not contain any preservatives and other chemicals.
The oil is completely pure and can be applied directly to the skin.

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