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Miscellaneous from the Surinam cuisine


A delicious drink made from coconut milk!

Ingredients: serve four persons.

* 16 oz. coconut milk
* 16 oz. sugar
* 16 oz. water
* Maizena (corn flour or corn strach), agar agar or holy basil seeds
* 1 thee spoon salt.
* Cola essence or lemongrass
* FDC red # 5

Cooking instructions:

Mix the sugar and water and boil for 15 minutes. Keep mixing during this time.
Add the required syrup to the coconut milk and the cola essence (or lemon grass).
Add salt and ice cubes.

Make a solution of maizena and add this to 16 oz. water, boil to a very thick porridge and sieve directly into a pot with cold water.
Introduce these pieces in the dawet.
Keep always mixing to avoid the coconut milk from separating.
Serve ice cold!

Alternative: one can also used holy basil seeds suspended in water instead of the corn starch.
Agar agar can also be used.

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