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Dieffenbachia seguine - Dumbcane Common name
Dumbcane, giant dumbcane, spotted dumbcane, Leopard lily, galatea, mother-in-law plant.
Araceae (Arum family).

This is a very easy and popular ornamental plant to grow, from tropical America.
Leopard lily grows up to 6' tall.
However, it is very poisonous; so one should be careful.
Dieffenbachia spp. contain the toxic plant chemicals, calcium oxalate crystals and proteolytic enzymes.
The stem is like a cane; the large oval leaves have pointed tips.
There are many hybrids with different marks on the leaves; these hybrids are developed from D. maculata and
D. seguine.

USDA zone 9 - 11.
Stem / root cuttings.
Full sun / partial shade; rich, moist soil. High humidity.
Dumbcane can be potted and kept indoors or in the green house in the cooler zones.
Outdoors protect from frost or plant in frost free areas.

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