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Also known as: Bhringaraj, bringraj, congo lanna, eclipta, false daisy, han lian cao, takasaburou, yerba de tago.

This tropical annual is a creeping and moisture-loving herb with small white flowers.
Eclipta grows abundantly in the tropics and is used with much success in Ayurvedic medicine.
It also shows excellent antifungal activity; the plant tops are used for skin diseases (inflammation).
A mixture of Eclipta extract and mineral oil (USP) keeps the hair dark and lustrous; when applied to the scalp it promotes faster hair growth. It directly nourishes and improves the hair and turns grey hair darker again or restores the natural color.
Eclipta alba Oil (Tropilab).
Use of Eclipta Alba oil
It is massaged on the scalp; as such it achieves an even spread of the oil over the area where hair loss has occurred. Doing this improves absorption of the phyto-chemicals and thus improves the effect of the hair oil.
Applying a little Eclipta oil to the hair helps keeping it healthy and lustrous looking.

Ecliptine, wedelolactone, dimethyl wedelolactone, wedelic acid, eclepitine apigenin, luteolin, b-amyrin, mono-, di- and trithiophene acetylenes, a-terthenyl, thiophene acetylenes, ascorbic acid.

Suriname's Traditional Medicine
Eclipta alba is traditionally known to potentiate hair growth promotion.
This plant has a range of therapeutic properties such as promoting heart health by lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels; boosting immunity.
It is also an adequate natural painkiller.
Eclipta is used against anemia, dysentery, eye diseases, asthma,insomnia, headaches and liver cirrhosis.
The juice of Eclipta together with honey, is used to handle upper respiratory congestion in children.

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