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Ixora coccinea - Jungle geranium
Common name: jungle geranium, flame of the forest, scarlet jungle flame, ixora, faja lobi.
Family: Rubiaceae (Madder family).

Ixora is a tropical shrub or small tree originally from South-east Asia growing up to a height of 8 feet.
Flame of the flowers has showy clusters of flowers that appear at branch tips; it is a profuse, all season bloomer.
Scarlet jungle flame blooms in the colors: red, white, orange, pink and yellow; but hybrids come also in the colors: rose and salmon.
It is the national flower of Republic of Suriname.

Hardiness: USDA zone 9 - 11.
Propagation: seeds, clumps and cuttings.
Culture: full sun, slightly acid soil, high in organic matter, dies back in light freezes but recovers.
Do not overwater!
Ixora coccinea - Jungle geranium red Ixora coccinea - Jungle geranium yellow Ixora coccinea - Jungle geranium pink Ixora coccinea - Jungle geranium rose

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Ixora coccinea seeds 1 packet (50 seeds) US$ 25.50
Ixora coccinea seeds 1 packet (100 seeds) US$ 46.00

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