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Mammea americana - Mamey Common name
Mamey, mamey amarillo, labricat d'amerique, South American apricot, abricote, abricote de Pará, mammee apple, zapote mamey.
Clusiaceae / Guttifereae.

A tropical tree, indigenous to Surinam, growing up to 75 feet tall with a dense foliage and leathery; oblong, evergreen leaves.
The flowers are fragrant and white.
There are male, female and hermaphrodite flowers, together or on separate trees.
The edible, nearly round, fruits are large (up to 7 lbs), light brown with a thick grayish - brown skin.
The orange fruit - pulp tastes delicious, somewhat like mango.
The fruits have up to 4 brown avoid seeds.

Medicinal applications
Used in the treatment of parasitic skin disease.

USDA zone 9B - 11.
Due to recalcitrant nature of the seeds, they have a short viable life, can not be dried well and can not withstand low temperatures.
Full sun / light shade, well drained soil.
Protect from frost or plant in frost free areas, since temperatures drop below 28°F. will probably damage the plant severely.
Recalcitrant seeds are not refundable since they are prone to fungus and often difficult to germinate.

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Mammea americana recalcitrant seeds 1 packet (3 seeds) US$ 14.70

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