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Mariae Common name
Beafsteak, fire - cracker.
Heliconiaceae (Heliconia family).

Heliconia mariae grows up to 12' - 22' tall, that blooms all year.
Fire - cracker has 40 - 65 red inflorescense bracts, reaching up to 4 in length.
Rachis is red to yellow.
Sepals rose - red at the tip, clear white at base.
Ovary is white and the pedicel, white to pink.

USDA zone: 9B - 11.
It needs full sun to 30% shadow; protect from low temperature.
Can be kept indoors in large container or in the green house; blooms year around

Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Heliconia mariae rhizomes 10 rhizomes ($25.40 /rhizome) US$254.00

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