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Mauritia flexuosa - Mauriti palmSynonyms
Mauritia setigera, mauritia sphaercarpa, mauritia vinifera.
Common name
Aguajé, buriti palm, mauriti palm, ita palm, miriti, tree-of-live.
Arecaceae (Palmae).

A dioecious palm growing up to 90 feet tall.
It is indigenous to Suriname, growing in the savannas and swamps of this country.
The buriti palm is a beautiful palm with a huge crown of leaves.
The fruit is a reddish brown elliptic drupe and the pulp from it yellow-orange; a bunch of the fruit can weigh up to 110 lbs. The fruit is a favorite of big parrots and herbivores, such as tapirs, deer and jaguars, in the Amazon rainforest.
The pulp can be eaten, used in ice cream or fermented and used as a acidic liquor.
This palm is a (potential) oil source.

Medicinal applications
Intoxicant and laxative.
The oils of the fruit have potential pharmaceutical applications.

USDA zone 10 - 11.
Full sun, sandy loam - to poor soils.
This is an excellent indoor plant while still small.
It is fast growing and can be kept in containers for only a few years.

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