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Zizyphus mauritiana - Indian jujube tree
Ziziphus jujuba
Common name
Indian jujube, jackal jujube, Aprin, Ber, Dunks.
Rhamnaceae.(Buckthorn family)

A tropical, evergreen tree growing up to 30 feet or more; it is originally from India, but growing abundantly in Suriname.
This tree has short spikes on the stem and branches.
Indian jujube has dark-green leaves with a light, almost white, undersurface.
The flowers are yellowish and born in clusters; they are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by insects.
The delicious edible fruits are round and 1 - 1½" in diameter; each fruit has one rounded, knobby seeds.

Medicinal applications
This plant seems effective against melanoma cells due to the presence of betulinic acid, a growth inhibitor of cancer cells.
All parts of the tree are used medicinally.
Used against sleeping disorder (insomnia); it is mild sedative.
Further, against heart palpitations, anxiety, nervous exhaustion and night sweats.

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Zizyphus mauritiana - Indian jujube leaves Hardiness
USDA zone 6 - 11.
Full sun, grows on a variety of soils (sandy, loam and clay).
Indian jujube prefers acid, neutral and alkaline soils; even grows in very alkaline soil.
It can withstand some frost for short spells. It grows very well in the tropics.
This tree can be used for bonsai.

Zizyphus mauritiana (Indian jujube) tincture

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