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Heliconia psittacorum - Parrot's beak Common name
Parakeetflower, parrot's beak, parrot's flower, parrot's plant, parrot's tongue, popokaytongo.
Heliconiaceae (Heliconia family).

A small herbaceous upright small Heliconia, indigenous to the Amazon rainforest and growing up to no more than four feet tall.
The parrot's beaks are exotic, abundantly bloomers all year long.
The orange - red bracts arise from a central point on the stem.
The long pointed leaves are shiny green with a red edge.
The flowers have ¾ to 1 inch long peduncles that rise above the pointed bracts.
The orange - red flower bracts have a dark spot at the end.
Parrot's tongues are pollinated in Suriname by hummingbirds.
The Psittacorums are very suitable for cut flower arrangements.
They will last from one to three weeks in water.

USDA zone 9 - 11.
Rhizomes and seeds.
Sun / light shade.
Protects from frost; damage below 40° F.
Needs lot of water but the soil should be well drained, rich and moist soil is needed as well, high humidity.
Plant in frost free spots or areas; can also be planted in the greenhouse.
Optimum temperature range is 60° - 78° F.
Psittacorum are, to some degree, winter hardy.

Heliconia psittacorum Heliconia psittacorum Heliconia psittacorum

Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Suriname sunset rhizome 10 rhizomes (US$7.20 /rhizome) US$72.00
Suriname sunset rhizomes 100 rhizomes (US$6.35 /rhizome) US$634.50
Golden torch rhizome 10 rhizomes (US$7.20 /rhizome) US$72.00
Golden torch rhizomes 100 rhizomes (US$6.35 /rhizome)) US$634.50
Golden torch (giant) rhizome 10 rhizomes (US$12.70 /rhizome) US$127.00
Suriname sassy rhizomes 10 rhizomes (US$7.20 /rhizome) US$72.00
Suriname sassy rhizomes 100 rhizomes (US$6.35 /rhizome) US$634.50
Red psittacorum rhizomes 10 rhizomes (US$7.20 /rhizome) US$72.00
Red psittacorum rhizomes 100 rhizomes (US$6.35 /rhizome) US$634.50

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