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Mentha X piperita - Peppermint tincture Overview

Peppermint is a hybrid; actually a cross between watermint and spearmint. It grows in moist, shaded places; the leaves and flowering tops are used. The oil has a high concentration of natural pesticides (pulegone). The leaves are used in herbal teas and for flavoring ice cream, candy and fruit preserves, toothpaste and chewing gum.


Menthol, menthone & carboxyl esters (menthyl acetate) menthone menthofuran, 1,8-cineol, limonene, pulegone, caryophyllene, pinene. Terpenoids and flavonoids (eriocitrin, hesperidin & kaempferol 7-O-rutinoside.
Minerals (calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium, and iron).


Mentha X piperita - Peppermint Some of the enzymes found in mint leaves can be helpful for those who are fighting cancer.
The leaves may potentially stop the growth of several different bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori, causing ulcers, Salmonella enteritidis and Staphylococcus (MRSA).

Traditional Medicinal Applications

Digestive support; also used as a remedy for gas, nausea, heartburn, cramping, bloating, flatulence, hiccups, indigestion, cold, flu and stomachaches.
Also used against skin infections, rashes and bug bites.
Sinus support (clear sinus and throat); can help to ease the pain of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Relieves menstrual cramps and nausea. Peppermint can also ease tension headaches and it supports the gastrointestinal tract as well as the gallbladder and bile ducts.
Used for aromatherapy (supports the upper respiratory system); cough and colds; helps with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.
Peppermint may help to alleviate the symptoms of chemotherapy induced vomiting.
It can help inhibit drug-resistant herpes simplex virus type 1.

Contraindications and warnings

Pregnant and nursing women should not take Peppermint; only after consulting a health practitioner.
Those who are suffering from gallbladder disorders, gallstones or blockage of the bile duct, or take heartburn medication should not take Peppermint.


Tincture: 0.5 1.0 ml; 1 3 times daily
Herbal tea:

For more information on Peppermint, go to the "Mentha X piperita plant" page.

The above presentation is for informational and educational purposes only.
It is based on scientific studies (human, animal, or in vitro), clinical experience, or traditional usage.
For many of the conditions discussed, treatment with prescribed (RX) or over - the - counter (OTC) medication is also available.
Consult your doctor, practitioner, and/or pharmacist for any health problem and before using dietary supplements or before making any changes in prescribed medications

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