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PISTACIA VERA L. - PISTAH. Pistacia vera - Pistah

Common name
Pistachio, pistah, pista, pistache nut.


Pistah is a deciduous tree; although originally not from Suriname, grows well in this country.
Pistachio grows up to a height of 30"; it has pinnate leaves and avoid fruits.
The nut has a woody shell with the tendency to partially split when ripe.
The edible internal kernel is salted and roasted.

Medicinal applications
The kernels are considered digestive and sedative.

USDA zone 7B - 11.
Due to recalcitrant nature of the seeds, they have a short viable life, can not be dried well and can not withstand low temperatures.
Full sun, well drained soil but grows also well on poor - and dry soils.
Plant in frost free areas.
Recalcitrant seeds are not refundable since they are prone to fungus and often difficult to germinate.

Pistacia vera - Pistah

Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Pistacia vera recalcitrant seeds 1 packet (10 seeds) US$ 16.00

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