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Potato masala from the Surinam kitchen

* Potato masala (Alu tarkari).

A recipe, original from India, brought to Surinam by immigrants from that country, prepared with the typical touch that makes it Surinamese!

Ingredients: serves 4 - 6

* potatoes, 1 lb.
potato masala * salt, add to taste.
* sugar, half teaspoon.
* masala (curry) powder 1 table spoon.
* sunflower (corn) oil, 2 table spoons.
* water.
* garlic, 1- 2 cloves.
* Onion, small - medium; diced.


Peel the patatoes and cut into four pieces.
Heat the oil, add the onion and garlic; fry untill glazed.
Add the masala under stirring.
After doing this, add immediately the potatoes and water untill these are just covered.
Also add the sugar and salt (salt to taste).
Cook with medium heat untill the potatoes are tender.


10 minutes before the potatoes are done, add a can (15½ oz.)of drained Garbanzo beans (chick peas or ceci beans).
This is a side dish and can be served with steamy white rice, chicken - or fish curry and string bean, pumpkin or cabbage as a vegetable.

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