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Vigna unguiculata subsp.sesquipedalis - String bean
Common name
Changjiang dou, cheung kungtau, sitao, otok, zuyu roku sasage, yard long bean, asparagus bean, snake bean, Peru bean, kouseband, string bean, kacang pajang, juroku-sasage, zuyu roku sasage.
Papilionaceae and Fabaceae.

String bean is a annual climbing vine with large violet flowers and hanging pods; originally from Southeast Asia; it must be cultured on a trellis.
Yard long bean is closely related to the cowpea and is not a true bean.
The drooping tender pods are long, reaching 40 inches in length are edible; a favorite of the Surinam cuisine.
The young tender pods are harvested and they are consumed as green vegetables.
The green seeds can also be roasted like peanuts.
The plant is ornamental due to the beautiful large violet flowers and the drooping pods.
String bean is a very good source of protein, vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium and for vitamin C.

USDA zone 9 - 11.
In late spring and summer up to zone 8.
Full sun / light shade, grows on different types of soil and can withstand high temperatures.
Support the plants with bean poles or grown on a trellis; twining 5 feet or more.
Sow after the danger of frost has past; pick the pods in the tender stage, although older they also taste very good. They can even be consumed fresh.

Vigna unguiculata subsp.sesquipedalis - String bean Vigna unguiculata subsp.sesquipedalis - String bean

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String bean seeds 1 package (100 seeds) US$ 25.00
String bean seeds 1 package (1000 seeds) US$ 213.00

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