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Alpinia purpurata flower Common name
Red ginger, jungle queen, jungle king, opuhi uteute, gengibre rojo, Tahitian Ginger, Ostrich Plume.
Zingerberaceae (Ginger family).

Alpinia purpurata is a rhizomatous perennial from tropical America; it is a very showy flower.
It grows up to 9' tall and develops into large clumps.
There are 2 (two) varieties: the red - (Jungle king) and the pink one (Jungle queen).
This is a ginger with deep red (pink) spikes of flowers; small white flowers emerge from the bracts of the spike.
It has larger shiny green oblong leaves and very small seeds.
The jungle king and -queen bloom year round and are used as tropical cut flowers.

USDA zone 9 - 11.
Rhizomes and seeds.
Partial sun / light shade, well drained, moist soil.
An excellent tropical container plant; grows best above 50° F. Keep the growing area humid.
It can be used in tropical cut flower arrangement.

Alpinia purpurata, Jungle Queen Alpinia purpurata, Jungle Queen Alpinia purpurata, Red ginger round Alpinia purpurata, Red ginger

Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Jungle king rhizome 10 small rhizomes (US$8.00 /rhizome) US$80.00
Jungle king rhizome 10 medium rhizomes (US$13.50 /rhizome) US$135.00
Jungle king rhizome 10 large rhizomes (US$21.60 /rhizome) US$216.00
Jungle king (round flower) rhizome 10 rhizomes (US$10.70 /rhizome) US$107.00
Jungle queen rhizome 10 small rhizomes (US$5.30 /rhizome) US$53.00
Jungle queen rhizome 10 medium rhizomes (US$9.00 /rhizome) US$90.00
Jungle queen rhizome 10 large rhizomes (US$14.40 /rhizome) US$144.00

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