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Roystonea regia - Royal palm
Common name
(Cuban) Royal Palm, palmier royal
Arecaceae (Palmae).

Size: up to 85 feet tall.
Although not indigenous to Suriname, it grows abundantly in this country.
The Royal palm is probably the most beautiful palm in the world.
It is fast growing and although tropical, the royal palm can survive in
sub - tropical areas.
There is a huge bright green crown shaft and a crown of large feathery leaves.
Inflorescence occurs beneath the crownshaft, emerging from a narrow, bract. The flowers on the panicles are white, unisexual and contain both sexes.
This palm has a massive light grey, smooth ringed and symmetrical trunk and is a little swollen at the base and in the mid-section.
The Florida royal palm (Roystonea elata) on the other hand, is a lot similar but lacks the curvature of the trunk as is obvious with the Cuban royal palm.
This Cuban royal palm has small fruits.

USDA zone 9 B - 11; can survive short periods of cold down
to 28 ° F.
These palms may be killed by temperatures of 25F (-4C).
Full sun; rich, well drained soil.
Can withstand short cold spells down to 20° F.
The royal palm can be grown in containers for indoor use until it grows to big for this purpose. Can be grown from the small, round to oblong seeds.

Roystonea regia - Royal Palm Roystonea regia - Royal Palm

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Roystonea regia palm seeds 1 package (100 seeds) US$ 22.40
Roystonea regia palm seeds 1 package (1000 seeds) US$ 132.30

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