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Mentha spicata - Spearmint MENTHA SPICATA - SPEARMINT.

Mentha cordifolia.
Common name
Hierbabuena, spearmint.
Lamiaceae (Mint family).


Mentha spicata - Spearmint tincture, price US$20.45 per 2 fl oz. Spearmint is used as a natural stimulant, carminative
 and antispasmodic. Spearmint has also been found as having excellent antioxidant activity. Used gainst nausea, hiccups, flatulence and motion sickness. Also used as a diuretic and helps with stomach and bowel complaints. Traditional medicinal applications




Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Spearmint tincture 1 oz. fl (29.6 cc) US$ 11.55
Spearmint tincture 6 x 1 fl. oz US$ 62.37
Spearmint tincture 12 x 1 fl. oz US$ 117.81
Spearmint tincture 2 oz. fl (59.1 cc) US$ 20.45
Spearmint tincture 6 x 2 fl. oz US$ 110.43
Spearmint tincture 12 x 2 fl. oz US$ 208.59
Spearmint spice 1 lb US$

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