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Xanthosoma brasilense - Tanier spinach Synonym
Xanthosoma hastifolia, Caladium brasilense.
Common name
Tanier spinach, Tahitian taro, belembe, quelembe, calalou, tajerblad.
Araceae (Arum family).

Tajerblad is a typical vegetable from the Amazon rainforest; grows up to 3 feet and has arrow shaped leaves.
It is widely grown for the tender leaves, which are edible and taste like spinach.
These leaves do not contain the needle-like crystals of calcium oxalate (raphides) that can irritate the mouth.
The leaves, contain among others, vitamin A, C and lots of proteins.
The leaves are key ingredients in many Surinamese - and Caribbean dishes.
For harvesting, cut the tender leaves when needed!

USDA zone 9 - 11.
Bulbs (corms) or stem cuttings. .
Full sun / partial shade.
Soil must be well drained and must contain organic matter; however, it also needs lots of water.
Tanier spinach will not grow well in sandy soil or soil with low organic matter content.
Ph range of the soil is 5.0 - 8.0. Optimum growing temperature is about 80° F.
It does very well in hot wet conditions; it can withstand fungus and virus attacks.
Plant in frost free spots or in the greenhouse.

Xanthosoma brasilense- Tanier spinach Xanthosoma brasilense- Tanier spinach

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Tanier spinach bulb 10 bulbs ($9.50 /bulb) US$ 95.00

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