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Cordyline terminalis Synonym
Cordyline fructiosa.
Common name
Ti plant, Hawain good-luck-plant, l', false palm, keulenlilie, Caa de indio, Croto, red tree of kings.
Agavaceae (Agave family).

Ti plant is an evergreen tropical perennial growing up to 7' tall.
This plant has a particular intense leaf color, pink to red fluorescent.
Ti plant is a fast grower, with inconspicuous flowers and sometimes, berries.
In Hawaii it has medicinal applications and is used for lung infections and asthma; other applications are pom poms for Polynesian dancers and use as food wrapper.
It is also the most sacred of all Hawaiian plants.

USDA zone 9 B - 11.
Seeds and cuttings.
Full sun / light shade, well drained soil.
Water moderately; a good container plant for its foliage.
Can withstand temperatures drops to 32° F.
It can be used with success in tropical cut flower arrangements.

Cordyline terminalis Cordyline terminalis Dracaena Dracaena1

Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Cordyline terminalis cutting 10 cuttings (US$5.10 /cutting) US$ 51.00
Cordyline terminalis cutting 100 cuttings (US$4.20 /cutting) US$ 420.00
Dracaena cutting 10 cuttings (US$5.10 /cutting) US$ 51.00
Dracaena1 cutting 10 cuttings (US$5.10 /cutting) US$ 51.00

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