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Nicolaia elatior - Torch lily Synonym
Etlingera elatior, phaeomeria speciosa, nicolaia speciosa, alpinia elatior, alpinia magnifica, phaeomeria magnifica.
Common name
Red ginger lily, torch lily, torch ginger, wild ginger, combrang, bunga kantan, bunga siantan, Philippine wax flower, xiang bao jiaing, Indonesian tall ginger, boca de dragón, Rose de porcelaine, Porcelain Rose.
Zingerberaceae (Ginger family).

This is a tropical herbaceous perennial.
Torch ginger forms canes growing up to 17 feet tall.
The inflorescence bracts are bright red; the inner segments are pink, the labellum being red with a yellow or white margin and the anther red; the fruits are green to reddish.
The many seeds are black.
The young buds, which have a spicy flavor, are edible and an important ingredient for some famous dishes in Southeast Asia.
In Thailand, the young shoots and flowers are served raw.
Originally from Java, Indonesia, it was brought to Suriname by immigrants and is now a common garden plant in this country since it has escaped cultivation many years ago.

USDA zone 9B - 11.
Seeds and rhizomes.
Full sun, rich well drained soil; must be watered well.
Excellent for the greenhouse but needs high humidity and artificial light.
Can be used extensively in tropical cut flower arrangements.
Nicolaia elatior - Torch lily Nicolaia elatior - Torch lily Nicolaia elatior - Torch lily Nicolaia elatior - Torch lily Nicolaia elatior - Torch lily Nicolaia elatior - Torch lily green seedpods

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Nicolaia elatior seeds 1 package (100 seeds) US$ 40.25
Nicolaia elatior rhizome 10 medium rhizomes ($10.70 /rhizome) US$107.00
Nicolaia elatior rhizome 10 large rhizomes ($12.30 /rhizome) US$123.00

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