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Our tinctures are sold in 1 - and 2 fluid oz. (30 60 ml.) amber glass bottles, complete with a dropper (pipette).
Tincture bottle A dropper is a glass tube with a hollow rubber bulb at one end and a small opening at the other end. Squeeze and release the bulb at the top to draw in the tincture.
Our droppers will pick up 1 ml. (about 30 drops) each time the bulb is squeezed.

The amount of alcohol per dose is insignificant (max 0.6 ml) and the alcohol in the average dose of tincture is less to the amount of alcohol in a soda.
If you are concerned about the alcohol, place the open tincture bottle in a cup with hot water for a few minutes so the alcohol content can evaporate.

The dose (quantity) for tinctures and teas may be different for each person. The recommended dose is only a general advice.


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