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Wedelia trilobata.
Sphagneticola trilobata, thelechitonia trilobata.
Common name
Wedelia, yellow dots, rabbits paw, trailing daisy, creeping ox - eye.
Asteraceae (aster family).

A tropical perennial, with deepley lobed fleshy leaves, growing up to 10 inch tall, spreading like a mat; it makes a dense cover, if allowed.
It blossoms profusely; the flowers are orange - yellow.
Wedelia creeps and roots at the nodes.

Suriname's traditional medicine
Wedelia is used to treat hepatitis, infections and to clear the placenta after birth.

USDA zone 8B - 11.
Seeds, division and tip cuttings.
Full sun / partial shade, moist well drained soil.
Plant in frost free areas, will be killed by frost but comes back in the spring.
This plant type can be used as a ground cover.

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Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Wedelia trilobata seeds 1 packet (100 seeds) US$ 12.25
Wedelia trilobata cuttings 1 packet (15 cuttings) US$ 14.20
Wedelia trilobata herbs 1 lb US$ 28.00

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