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(spice Bixa orellana)


Annato Other names:
Achiote, Bixa, Lipstick tree, Orleanstrauch, Rocou, Urucu,

Pulp surrounding the seeds.
Color: red
Remarks: store dry (not in the refrigerator).

South America.

Used as a coloring agent for rice, achieving a golden yellow to golden brown color.
It is also used to color and flavor vegetables, beans, chicken, fish and meat.


Achiote (Annato oil)

Mix ½ cup of annatto seed with 1 cup vegetable oil.
Let this simmer for about 10 minutes over very low heat.
Strain to take the seeds out; keep the oil in the fridge.
This oil can be used to color and add a pungent flavor to rice.
Can also be used for frying chicken and fish as well to braise beef for enchiladas.

Annato also has medicinal applications.

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