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Cassia occidentalis. Common name
Fedegoso, coffee senna, coffeeweed, balatong aso.

Fabaceae (Bean family).

This plant is an erect tropical annual herb with leathery compounded leaves growing up to 6' tall.
The seed pods are dark brown and curve slightly upward; the seeds are olive - brown and flattened on both ends.
The seeds, which are in long pods, can be roasted and made into a coffee - like drink.
The leaves and flowers can be cooked and are edible.

Medicinal application
The seed is bitter and has purgative properties; it is also used as a diuretic, liver detoxifier, as a hepato-tonic (balances and strengthens the liver).
Further, used in whooping cough and convulsion.

Cassia occidentalis. Suriname's Traditional Medicine
Coffee senna is used against throat inflammation, colds, asthma, fever and flu, also used against poisonous snake bites.
It is an excellent remedy for fungus - and bacterial infections.

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USDA zone 9 - 11.
Full sun / moist soil.
Plant in frost free spots.

Cassia occidentalis - Coffee senna tincture

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